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 MY 300 BEST GAMES. Grāmata.
"I have played a huge amount of tournament and match games during my long chess career, roughly 2,500 altogether, From those games, I have selected only three hundreds for this book, - the games I consider my best and most instructive ones. My goal was to represent my most valuable creative achievements of the thirty years that have passed, from 1966 till 1996.
Let reading this work bring you pleasure and improve your understanding of chess inner logic, depth and beauty.

Yours sincerely,
Anatoly Karpov."

Anatoly Karpov
My 300 Best Games
Izdevniecība RETORIKA A, Rīga, 1997
175x245, m.b., ciets iesējums,
274 lpp., svars 588
ISBN 9984-9229-0-1
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